Odgers Berndtson Team

Looking for leaders, building outstanding teams and helping companies grow stronger
Roman Tyshkovskiy
Managing Partner
Roman is responsible for top executive search (President, CEO, General Manager, Chairman) in multiple industries, board projects, and independents, as well as developing and maintaining company and client leadership in the Digital, Media, and Entertainment areas.
Alexei Sizov
Partner, Head of Finance, Executive Assessment and Development Practices
Alexey has been involved in executive search, assessment and development since 2002. His industrial expertise includes global and Russian financial organizations, diversified holdings, and other areas.
Rustam Bostanov
Partner, Head of Industry and Energy Practice
Rustam focuses on seeking, evaluating, and developing leaders for heavy industries and the energy sector, implementing projects to recruit С-suite and various functional managers.
Irina Milekhina
Partner, Head of TIMES Practice
With over 10 years of executive search experience, Irina works with rapidly growing IT companies and large organizations undergoing digitalization, helping her customers achieve business goals through recruiting suitable people.
Partner, Head of Consumer Practice
Anna is engaged in seeking top managers for the consumer market with a focus on retail and e-commerce. She is also in charge of projects to assess and develop top teams for a diverse range of companies, and develops research products.
Daria Tulubenskaya
Partner, Head of Consumer Practice
Prior to joining Odgers Berndtson Russia in 2021, Daria has been seeking and assessing top teams in the largest Russian and international consumer sector companies (CEO, CEO-1).

She is also an ambassador of Meet For Charity, the largest Russian philanthropy auction of meetings with celebrities.
Partner, Head of Real Estate and Construction Practice
Focusing on building and assessing management teams for real estate and construction market since 2008, Yuliya joined the team of Odgers Berndtson Russia in 2022.
Senior Consultant, TIMES Practice, Head of Marketing and Communications stream
Leonid focuses on seeking and assessing leaders for sports, e-sports, entertainment, and gambling industries, being responsible for seeking candidates for functional positions in marketing and communications. One of the Atlanty CMO club founders.
Senior Consultant, Consumer Practice
Polina has been managing projects to seek and assess management personnel for 18+ years, focusing on searching for executives in the consumer and pharmaceuticals industries.

Polina is the Head of Pharmaceuticals and Medicine stream in Odgers Berndtson Russia.
Senior Consultant, Finance Practice, Head of HR stream
With executive search experience since 2004, Nana focuses on HR, GR, Banking & Finance. Prior to joining Odgers Berndtson Russia she managed a partner company, Lyte Talent Solutions, for five years.
Elizaveta Derbina
Senior Consultant, Finance Practice
Elizaveta focuses on fintech and CFO searches for various industries. With executive search experience since 2015, she consults owners and managers of the largest Russian companies on searching and developing key team members.
Anna started her HR consultant career in 2002 and joined Odgers Berndtson Russia in 2008, helping corporate people find mutually beneficial combinations between their ambitions, strengths, and management role goals.
Consultant, Industry and Energy
With executive search experience since 2016, Ksenia is responsible for seeking and assessing key executives for Russian heavy industry and transportation companies, and is a member of the supply chain and logistics executive search team.
Maria Kelina
Senior Project Manager, Consumer Practice
Maria helps companies and people find each other building win-win scenarios. A consumer practice professional searching for all СЕО and СЕО-1 level positions.
Olga Ponomareva
Senior Project Manager, TIMES Practice
With executive search experience since 2017 and over 10 years of tenure in IT industry, Olga focuses on seeking СТО and Engineering Directors for innovative technology and product companies.
Anna Pavlova
Senior Project Manager, TIMES Practice
Anna focuses on seeking executives for the digital, media, and entertainment industries, focusing on the international search in LATAM and EMEA. She conducts searches for both large holding structures and start-ups looking to launch their business in Russia or elsewhere.
Sofia Dubrovina
Consultant, TIMES Practice
Sofia is responsible for seeking key executives (CEO, CMO, PR, CPO) for large companies and rapidly growing start-ups in digital, media, technology, advertising, and entertainment areas.
Senior Project Manager, Real Estate and Construction, Finance Practices
Elisaveta focuses on seeking top managers for real estate and construction, and fintech sectors, as well as on the organizational structure research.
Project Manager, TIMES Practice
Daria leads technology projects pipeline, focusing on searching for technical managers (CTO, CIO, CISO, CDTO) across all industries, as well as functional leaders (CEO, BDD) for IT and digital companies.
Project Manager, Consumer Practice
Denis focuses on seeking and assessing key executives for the consumer sector and retail with a functional focus on CEO, CMO, and CCO roles.
Yuliya Protsenko
Coordinator, Assessment and Development Practice
Yuliya focuses on the administrative support of the practice where she is responsible for project and internal development of Executive Assessment and Development function.
Analyst, Consumer Practice
Oleg focuses on top management search projects for retail and consumer industries with a functional specialization on CEO, CCO, CMI, COO.
Analyst, Consumer Practice
Alexey is responsible for executive search projects for large consumer sector companies, helping them make proper decisions about people. His speciality areas are FMCG, retail, and pharmaceuticals.
Analyst, Industry and Energy Practice
Kirill is responsible for seeking top management (СЕО and СЕО-1 positions) for large industrial organizations able to propel the business to the next level and meet today's challenges. He joined Odgers Berndtson Russia in May 2021 as an intern and was promoted to a team member in July.
Analyst, Finance Practice
Anna is responsible for executive search projects for banks, fintech companies, and investment funds, as well as CFO for various industries
Analyst, Finance Practice
Maria joined the Odgers Berndtson Russia team in 2021 to focus on the financial sector and help companies find the best top managers.
Analyst, Consumer Practice
Anastasia is responsible for the search, initial candidate communications, and market analysis within the Consumer practice with a focus on seeking commercial function executives for FMCG and e-commerce.
Analyst, TIMES Practice
Anastasia joined the Odgers Berndtson Russia team in 2021 to focus on seeking executives (CEO, CEO-1, CMO, PR) for rapidly growing start-ups, IT, and digital companies.
Analyst, TIMES Practice